Mini Dental ImplantsWhat are mini dental implants?
Mini dental implants are a relatively new development in dentistry. They are titanium or titanium alloy screws that are placed in jawbone. They are called mini dental implants because they have a diameter about the same as a toothpick, making them considerably smaller than regular dental implants. While regular dental implants usually serve as roots for reconstructions, mini dental implants are more likely to be used to help hold dentures, bridges or other prosthetics in place.

What can mini dental implants do?
Mini dental implants, also sometimes called single-day implants because they can often be installed in one office visit, can ease pain and difficulty associated with prosthetics that otherwise would not stay in place well on their own. For example, someone who struggles with slippage, wobbling and discomfort wearing dentures, can finally get the dentures to stay in proper placement using mini dental implants.

How do mini dental implants work?
Under local anesthesia, the patient’s jaw bone is drilled with a special small drill so that the implants can be placed. Then, the mini dental implants are screwed into the drill holes by hand in a similar way to how track spikes are screwed into shoes. Then, to get the implants firmly in, a winged wrench and/or ratchet wrench is used.

Next the dentures or other prosthetics are drilled and retrofitted with o-rings or grommets so that the implants will fit snugly, and then they are snapped into place, now held firmly in place by the mini dental implants. The over all effect is like having a titanium toothpick that fits perfectly into your jaw and your prosthetic, locking the two together.

How much do mini dental implants cost?
The national average cost for mini dental implants is around $800-1000 per implant, or roughly half the cost of regular dental implants. Talk to your insurance provider to see if any of the cost may be covered. Payment plans are usually available.

How do I get mini- implants?
If you think mini dental implants may be right for you, you can talk to a dentist for more information. Not all dentists may be experienced in installing mini dental implants.