Teeth Whitening Procedures are meant to Brighten your Teeth Posted By : Henry Wilson
Misaligned teeth, missing tooth or stained yellow teeth are some of the dental defects that require proper treatment. Out of these stained yellow teeth is the most common one. Teeth whitening bleach, teeth whitening toothpastes and whitening trays are some of the treatments that can be applied to get rid off stained teeth.

Tips For Enjoying Holiday Sweets And Keeping That “Sweet Tooth” Intact
Eating a lot of holiday sweets may satisfy that “sweet tooth,” but too much of a good thing might lead to unintended results for your teeth and gums, according to an American Dental Association (ADA) consumer advisor.”If you don’t bother to properly clean your teeth, the results might be tooth decay, gum disease and possible tooth loss,” says Dr. Matthew Messina, an ADA consumer advisor and practicing dentist from the Cleveland area. [click link for full article]

Top 6 Tips for Kissing Underneath the Mistletoe
Photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert This Christmas season might hold some surprises for you. Mistletoe kissing can be quite sneaky, so whether you are the mistletoe hunter or the mistletoe target,…

Spherix To Begin Testing Of Naturlose(R) Toothpaste To Fight Gingivitis, Plaque
Spherix Incorporated (Nasdaq: SPEX) is proceeding with initial plans to enter the toothpaste market by offering Naturlose(R) as a natural toothpaste ingredient that fights gingivitis and plaque, while also being safe enough for children to use. [click link for full article]

Dually Porous Glass Shows Promise In Helping Damaged Bone Regenerate
Victims of osteoporosis and broken bones may get a boost from a new type of biocompatible glass that shows promise in helping damaged and diseased bone to regenerate, says an international team of researchers.The specially fabricated glass, like the spongy interior of bone, contains interconnected pores that facilitate vascularization, the production of bone cells and the flow of blood and nutrients to all areas of the diseased or damaged bone. [click link for full article]

This Thanksgiving - Give Thanks for Dental Health
Photo Courtesy USDA Dental health and being able to chew food properly is something that most of us take for granted. During this Thanksgiving holiday, as you are eating your delicious…

The Connection Between Diabetes and Gum Disease
Photo by I M Birchall November is Diabetes Awareness Month and since the control of diabetes is frequently linked to gum disease, it’s a great time to learn how to keep…

Dental Implants
We’ve updated our Dental Implants Question-and-Answer page!

UK Dentistry Careers Day Set For 9 February 2007
The 2007 Career opportunities in UK dentistry event will take place on Friday 9 February at the Hotel Russell in London’s Russell Square. The Hotel Russell is a new venue for the event, which is organised jointly by the British Dental Association and UCL Eastman Dental Institute.The 2007 event will see a wide range of speakers give delegates insights into the whole spectrum of dental careers, from specialist private practice to careers in the armed forces. [click link for full article]