Stem cells regenerate parts of teeth: animal study
Reuters - If successful, it could be especially attractive to dental patients who are not good candidates for dental implants or would prefer living tissue derived from their own teeth. “Implant patients must have sufficient bone in the jaw to support the

Straumann Delivers 21 Percent Increase in Sales in 2005
PrimeZone - The continuing increase in demand for dental implants made it necessary to expand capacity considerably at the Group’s main production site, in Villeret. Similarly, the growing use of oral tissue regeneration products necessitated a major upgrade of

Online Press Release
PRWeb - Trend Towards Better Hygiene Driving the Market for Dental Implants America s obsession with the endless pursuit of beauty has had quite a positive effect on oral hygiene. This obsession, combined with improvements in the standard of care for oral

Websites that do more! - 2006/09/15 Bath Spa Dentistry patients benefit from the latest techniques in Dental Implants using titanium implants - tooth root shaped devices, which are inserted into the area of bone once occupied by the tooth Bath Spa Dentistry offers non-surgical

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PRWeb - DENTAL IMPLANTS IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE AND HEALTH “Clearly dental implants are one of the finest treatment options we have to offer in the field of Dentistry,” said Richard Kraut, DDS., Chairman, Department of Dentistry at Montefiore Medical Center

Girl With New Face Buys New Clothes
Forbes - Marlie will return to Miami in two years for additional surgeries on her nose and jaw and to receive dental implants, said Dr. Jesus Gomez, who has led Marlie’s surgical teams. Marlie suffers from a rare form of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, a

Ode to missing mom answered with love note
Charlotte Observer - A severe beating by one man left her in a body cast and required jaw replacement, dental implants and a metal plate in her mouth, she says. She recovered but required therapy to learn how to walk and talk again. Those surgeries altered the shape of

Biolin acquires Integration Diagnostics
Biotech Sweden - Integration Diagnostics (IDL) develops and markets products for use within dental implants. The products are based on a patented technique and sold under the brand Osstell Mentor. Biolin previously owned 47 percent of Integration Diagnostics. The